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with Xplorobot's Methane Emission Management System

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Revolutionizing Methane Detection

EPA Compliant

Meets US EPA Subpart W requirements and the EPA's definition for visualizing methane emissions.


10X more affordable than traditional OGI cameras, making advanced technology accessible for companies all sizes.


92% true positive and 2% false positive rates, with a 1 gram per hour detection, confirmed by DOE-sponsored METEC testing.


90% confidence rate in detection, on par with experienced LDAR inspectors, even when operated by regular field personnel.

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Detect and Verify Emissions with Laser OGI by Xplorobot

Xplorobot's Laser OGI technology streamlines emissions detection and verification processes, offering a user-friendly solution that circumvents the need for costly certified technicians. With the ability to detect and verify emissions repairs on-site during a single pad visit, it simplifies workflow and significantly trims operational costs. This precision-engineered technology not only assures rapid detection but also fortifies the repair verification process, ensuring thorough accounting of gas emissions to bolster revenue while avoiding increasing regulatory fines.

Embrace a cost-efficient solution with Xplorobot that enhances your team's ability to manage leaks more effectively than ever before, maintaining profitability and ensuring environmental compliance without the complexity and expense of legacy OGI methods. Empower your field teams to operate with autonomy and efficiency, and discover the superiority of our technology.

Loved by the Field Personnel

We are interested in Xplorobot's technology because of its ease of use. Current fugitive emission surveys using legacy Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Cameras are labor intensive and cannot find significant fugitive emissions quickly.
Leading North America Pipeline Company

Scale Compliance
Across Operations

In an era of strict emissions regulations, Xplorobot's Methane Emission Management System stands out, offering a fully digital solution that tags emissions and records compliance efficiently. Engineered for precision, our system exceeds the demands of environmental standards with ease.

Our platform simplifies emissions oversight, providing user-friendly workflows and automated data capture, thus making regulatory adherence less labor-intensive and more reliable. Xplorobot equips your company to quickly adapt to regulatory changes, proactively managing compliance to protect the environment and your business interests.

Trusted by the GHG Compliance Management

Xplorobot provides a cost-effective solution. Proposals from permanent monitoring service providers were cost-prohibitive for our operations.
Regional Independent Producer

Compliance that Pays Off

Efficient and compliant, it's not just cost-effective, it's a profitable investment. Cut down on fines and revenue loss from leaks with our user-friendly tech. Often, savings from one leak detection cover the device cost.