The World's First Emissions Compliance Database

Xplorobot’s innovative database revolutionizes emissions management with its fully digital platform. Bridging the gap between detection and documentation, it not only simplifies the compliance process but also ensures rigorous standards are met. Our system’s digital core offers certification of compliance, making regulatory adherence seamless and transparent. Embrace the digital transformation of environmental stewardship and step into a future where compliance is not just achieved but certified.

Achieve Bulletproof Compliance

Xplorobot's Methane Emissions Management System provides a multi-faceted approach to regulatory compliance

Laser Precision Detection

Discover unparalleled accuracy with Xplorobot's Laser OGI technology. Our system offers a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to legacy OGI cameras, enabling swift and precise methane leak detection that seamlessly integrates into your operations.

Precise Measurement

Our technology is designed to detect emissions as low as 1 gram per hour, ensuring that even the smallest leaks are identified quickly, allowing for immediate action to maintain safety and compliance.

Advanced Visualization

Xplorobot's innovative technology provides comprehensive visual representations of methane emissions through detailed 2D concentration maps and dynamic 3D models, offering a clear view of emissions and facilitating informed decision-making.

Regulatory Excellence

Xplorobot ensures strict adherence to regulatory standards, enabling your company to meet and exceed the most stringent environmental regulations with confidence, including EPA's Subpart W.

Innovative Visualization: 2D Maps and 3D Models

Xplorobot's platform is equipped to render 2D concentration maps and detailed 3D models, providing a comprehensive view of methane management that is as clear as it is actionable. Whether you need an overview or an in-depth analysis, our technology adapts to your unique operational demands.

2D Visualization

3D Models

Versatile Technology for Diverse Industries

Our technology spans various industries, from Oil and Gas to Landfills and  Maritime.

Dive deeper into how Xplorobot's technology is revolutionizing emissions detection and compliance across sectors.

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