A New Paradigm in Detection and Quantification of Methane Emissions

Xplorobot's Laser OGI technology is bringing real innovation to methane emissions detection and quantification, delivering a cost-efficient alternative that eliminates the dependency on certified technicians. Our technology empowers your existing field personnel to expedite the emission detection and repair cycle, saving valuable time and resources. Adopt a smarter approach to emission management that not only boosts operational efficiency but also rapidly addresses and resolves leaks, all while significantly cutting overhead costs.

Meet Xplorobot's Laser OGI

Combining methane concentration measurements with computer vision for precise localization

  • 1. Anemometer

    Continuous measurement of wind speed

  • 2. USB Ports

    Used for data backup and software updates.

  • 3. Ethernet LAN Port

    Used for data transfer from the device to an external computer for data processing.

  • 4. High Resolution Visual Camera

    Used to localize all methane concentration measurements and to collect data for visualization.

  • 5. Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)

    Sensor acquires methane concentration data (PPM-M) data at 10Hz.

  • 6. Charging Port

    Barrel connection for charging the battery

  • 7. Computer

    Located inside the device to run the acquisition, store the data, and create an auditable train for each methane measurement.

  • 8. GPS

    Located inside the device to autonomously allocate inspection results to specific sites and equipment.

  • 9. Touch Screen

    Used for acquisition control (Start and Stop, QC data, store data, download for processing).

  • 10. Methane Concentration Values (PPM-M)

    Informs the operator of fugitive emissions

  • 11. Power Button

    Turns the device on and off

How it works


Power Up & Target

Begin your inspection by turning on the device and aiming at the suspected area. The device’s user-friendly touchscreen and laser guidance enable precise pinpointing for effective leak detection.


Scan & Capture

Our device performs a swift scan of your infrastructure, detecting methane emissions using advanced sensors. Upon detecting leaks, it automatically generates a Digital Emission Tag, including a real-time visual and location data.


Confirm & Document

After repairs, our device verifies leak resolution, streamlining the compliance process. It creates a timestamped confirmation, ensuring accurate environmental reporting.

How does Xplorobot compare to Legacy OGI cameras?

Once a repair is made, Xplorobot confirms the integrity of the fix, minimizing gas loss and protecting your revenue. With fines on the rise and every cubic foot of gas counting towards your bottom line, our solution is essential for maintaining operational profitability and environmental compliance.

Legacy OGI

Only trained technicians can (barely) see fugitive emissions

Xplorobot Laser OGI

Anyone can easily see fugitive emissions

Versatile Technology for Diverse Industries

Our technology spans various industries, from Oil and Gas to Landfills and  Maritime.

Dive deeper into how Xplorobot's technology is revolutionizing emissions detection and compliance across sectors.

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